Running costs

The innovative technology means you’ll be running on electric power more often. And fewer trips to the petrol station means greater savings.

Cost Comparison

How much could the OUTLANDER PHEV could save you in running costs? We’ll show you. Just tell us how many miles a day you drive.
Commute for pennies a day
Daily Running Costs

Commute for pennies a day

A full electric charge will cost you less than £1.00 and it will take you 28 miles. To put that into context, the average commute is around 5 miles. The OUTLANDER PHEV will cost you around 15p a day in daily running costs, and you might find yourself hardly having to use the petrol engine at all.
Good news for London drivers

Good news for London drivers

The OUTLANDER PHEV is exempt from the congestion charge and the ultra-low emissions zone (ULEZ). To take advantage of this, you first need to register your vehicle, which is subject to an administrative fee.

Company Cars

Save thousands in Company Car Tax

Every company car has a Benefit in Kind (BiK) percentage band. This is based on CO2 emissions, and a P11D value. The OUTLANDER PHEV's low CO2 emissions put the SUV in the lowest BiK band, with just 16% (Tax Year 2019/20). Over the years, you could save thousands. To find out more, use our Company Car Tax Calculator.
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