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    Remove unnecessary items from your car

    Don't carry unnecessary items on or in your car. A roof carrier increases drag, thereby increasing fuel consumption. So will carrying unnecessary weight in the boot.

    Watch your tyre pressure

    Keep an eye on your tyre pressure. Under inflated tyres generate more rolling resistance. It is generally accepted that 20% under inflation leads to 3% higher fuel consumption.

    Carry out proper maintenance

    Change oil and filters according to the service manual and also attend to regular service checks to ensure your car runs smoothly and economically.

    Combine trips

    Warmed-up engines and catalysts generate much less air pollution, so combining several short trips into one can make a big difference. And for short distances walk, take public transport or ride your bike. Carrying groceries or other bulky stuff can still be done on a bike with a backpack or some slick modifications.

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