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    Turn off the air conditioning

    Only use the air conditioning when you need it. Studies have shown that using the air conditioning causes an increase in fuel consumption (between 2% and 10%).

    Use the trip computer

    In-car diagnostics can help to save fuel. Trip computers can often give you an indication of instant fuel consumption, which helps you to learn how your driving style affects your fuel consumption.

    Roll the windows up

    At speeds above 50 kilometres per hour an open window significantly increases aerodynamic drag. At higher speeds, using the air conditioning can be more efficient.

    Use the cruise control wisely

    On long, even roads cruise control will help you to maintain a steady speed, but don't leave the cruise control on when driving on roads with many hills and valleys. The gearbox will 'kick down' on hills to maintain a selected speed, where a driver might choose to coast at a lower speed.

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