• Our Approach



    Mitsubishi Motors aims to be one of the best car manufacturers in the world in terms of environmental performance. All Mitsubishi factories for Mitsubishi Motors Corporation, Mitsubishi Motors (Thailand) and at NedCar's factory in the Netherlands, the Environmental Management System are certified according to ISO 14001. It ensures that all environmental aspects, and even local nuisance items such as noise, are evaluated, recorded, and then reduced through a program of continuous improvement. Every aspect of our business follows the Mitsubishi 3R principle of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle.

    The introduction of new processes has reduced the discharge of heavy metals into wastewater by 99% since 1989. We also use less water overall while making our cars. We have considerably reduced the emission of hydrocarbons by introduction of water based paint materials and we produce less waste and use fewer packaging materials by continuous optimizing our processes.

    Mitsubishi Motors is also careful to reduce noise at all its factories. For example, at NedCar, measures include the creation of insulated 'noise zones', so neighbours don't have streams of cars passing by. Trucks are guided onto main routes, away from neighbourhoods.

    We will continue to reduce energy consumption and carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and use optimal recycling techniques for new materials.

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