• Our Approach


    by design

    Global warming is an urgent issue and the auto industry is working hard to improve fuel economy and cut CO2 emissions. Aerodynamics can play a significant role in cutting emissions, especially at highway speeds. So our brilliant engineers hone new body shapes using extensive wind tunnel experiments using scale models and computer simulations. The R&D department has even developed sophisticated Virtual Reality technology to test the aerodynamics of prototype cars before they are even made. Using the same technology, designers can 'drive' around a realistic course and even experience what a driver of a different height would see. This saves energy, materials and fuel compared with testing a prototype.

    Our designers are also testing new eco-friendly materials to be used in future cars. Some of these were showcased by the Concept-cX, including Green Plastic: a family of plant-based resins. These could be used for parts including floor mats, door trim, seat-back panels and other interior trim materials.

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