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    At Mitsubishi Motors, we're committed to developing low-carbon transport solutions for the future. As part of this commitment, we've been pursuing advanced developments in Electric Vehicle (EV) technology. And this isn't about joining a current trend - the first Mitsubishi Motors EV was built in 1971. Our work with lithium ion batteries has demonstrated increased speeds and cruising range in electric vehicles due to the batteries' high energy density.

    Because they can hold more charge per kilogram compared to nickel/cadmium or acid/lead batteries, the i MiEV* benefits from a superior power-to-weight ratio. In 2008 Mitsubishi Motors launched the joint venture company Lithium Energy Japan along with partners Mitsubishi Corporation and large lithium-ion battery manufacturer GS Yuasa.

    The i MiEV holds 88 battery cells, broken into 22 "modules" of four cells each. As a fully-electric vehicle (as compared to a hybrid), the i MiEV's batteries feed power to an electric motor which drives the wheels. When braking, that same electric motor recharges the battery modules, extending the range of the vehicle. * i MiEV stands for i Mitsubishi innovative Electric Vehicle

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