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    Stop & Go

    Traffic congestion will be a familiar issue for anybody who lives in an urban area. Countless productive hours are lost sitting in stationary traffic, not to mention many litres of needlessly burnt fuel. To help reduce the impact this has on the environment, Mitsubishi Motors has developed the innovative Auto Stop & Go system. It couldn't be simpler, as demonstrated by the Colt ClearTec. When the car is stationary in traffic and the gearshift is in neutral, the system automatically turns off the engine. As soon as the driver dips the clutch to engage a gear, the engine automatically starts and the driver can move off. The ClearTec Colt also uses low rolling resistance tyres and a gearshift indicator to tell the driver when it's most economical to shift up. These, along with an alternator that recaptures energy during braking and deceleration, make the Colt ClearTec the cleanest petrol car in its class. Learn more about this important green technology in the ClearTec section.

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