• Green technologies

    We’re tackling the challenges posed by global CO2 emissions head on. That’s why we have been at the forefront of advanced electric vehicle development for many years now. As well as looking toward the future, Mitsubishi Motors has developed innovations such as Auto Stop & Go – technology that brings cleaner air and lower fuel bills right now. Why not visit the relevant sections to see how these innovations...

  • Our Approach

    Mitsubishi Motors takes the health of our planet seriously. We have examined every aspect of our business, from designing aerodynamic, fuel-efficient vehicles to reducing emissions from our factories. We also take responsibility for disposing of the vehicles we have made when they come to the end of their lives. We take back and recycle older vehicles. Plus, we are working to make sure that in future an even...

  • Your Contribution

    There are many things you can do to reduce the impact that your car has on the environment. A car that is running poorly, is overloaded or is not being driven in a thoughtful manner will use more fuel, which will cause more CO2 emissions. And that doesn’t just cost the environment; it costs your wallet in the form of bigger running bills. Our driving tips explore just some of the ways in which you can help.

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